Theme 3: Women's leadership and talent development


Overview Co-Creative Dialogues

Theme: Women's leadership and talent development

10. How leadership and talent development contribute to a better match with finance   

Hosts: Yvette van Dok & Karen Kammeraat, Brilliant Entrepreneur

Having a good business plan and financial proposal is not enough. There needs to be confidence to approach financial institutions and sell the story. A story that is realistic and connects with the business and the person behind it. This requires self-investigation: What talent and capacities do you have, what do you really need in terms of capacity, network, money, etc.?

The Brilliant Entrepreneur guides women entrepreneurs in this process of self-investigation and self-development in order to achieve a realistic map of the own potential and financing needs. How does this work out? And how does this help them in fulfilling these needs? What are the roles of financial institutions, business development services, providers, networks, etc.? Learn from the inspiring stories by Ugandan SME entrepreneurs who managed to receive financial support that match with both their talents and their businesses.

11. The Power of Partnerships: Female Leadership Journeys

Hosts: Matilda Asante-Asiedu, Access Bank and Annemarie de Jong, BetterFuture

In 2017, Access Bank, together with Better Future and FMO designed and organised the unique Female Leadership Journey Ghana. This week brought together game changing female leaders in finance from across the world. Learn from the three partners on how this innovative leadership journey contributed to mutual understanding of Access Bank Ghana, local peers and inspiring local female entrepreneurs in order to unlock the potential of female leaders and drive impact in value proposition to the women’s market. Great transformation becomes possible when we partner to build a deep, shared understanding and create tangible impact.